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Improve performance with our range of minerals for electronics, including high purity quartz, silica sand & flour, spherical alumina & silica, plus ultra-fine & surface-treated functional fillers.

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High-tech applications demand high-quality materials. Our range of minerals for electronics includes the industry’s leading portfolio of high purity quartz. Mined from two uniquely pure ore bodies at Spruce Pine, North Carolina, USA (home to the world’s highest quality quartz deposits) products in our IOTA® quartz range have an exclusive range of optical, mechanical and thermal properties.     

We work with customers worldwide across a range of electronics sectors, including:   

  • display glass    
  • electrical insulation & transformers
  • electrical porcelain  
  • epoxy moulding compounds   
  • fibre optics & lighting 
  • printed circuit boards
  • semiconductors
  • solar crucibles
  • wiring & cabling
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