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Aluminium Oxide

Discover BORATHERM™ SA for maximum heat dissipation in EV battery systems and Sibelco’s recyclable aluminium oxide (corundum) abrasives for compressed air blast cleaning applications.
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Aluminium Oxide

BORATHERM SA (spherical alumina) has been specially engineered from aluminium oxide to help skilled formulators maximise the heat dissipation properties of polymer composites, for example EV battery systems. 

Specially designed to offer an ultra-low surface area and large particle sizes, BORATHERM™ SG is perfectly suited for formulations needing good flowability. The specific gravity of grades is 2.4 g/cm

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Sibelco also offers Aluminium Oxide (Al
) which is an
artificial corundum
with an exceptionally high degree of hardness and a very tough grain. 

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