Let’s grow together. Our Procurement and Supply Chain teams oversee the purchase of goods, services and raw materials for our operations worldwide, including shipping and logistics.

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Sibelco is a global material solutions company. With the support of our suppliers, we are able to respond quickly to the changing needs of a customer base that spans multiple industries and regions. 

Our Procurement and Supply Chain teams oversee the purchase of goods, services and raw materials for our operations worldwide, including shipping and logistics. In line with Sibelco’s business strategy, all procurement activity focuses on safety, quality, innovation and competitive pricing.

We work with suppliers of all shapes and sizes, from global corporations through to small local businesses. We see every supplier relationship as a partnership, creating opportunities for both companies to grow together.

Our values

Our culture is underpinned by five core values:

  • Integrity : We are open and honest with each other and adhere to the highest ethical standards in the way we conduct business.
  • Respect: We respect each other’s differences and contributions. We respect our colleagues’ right to return safe and healthy to their family each day. We respect the environment and carefully manage our impact wherever we operate.
  • Ownership: We make decisions as if it was our money, property, time or reputation at stake and we deliver on the promises we make.
  • Excellence: We pursue continuous improvement in overall performance. We ensure that our operations, functions and processes work together to produce consistently high value outcomes for our customers and other stakeholders.
  • Teamwork: We operate as one team with a common objective. We collaborate across operational, functional and geographical boundaries and make full use of our diverse knowledge, expertise and experience.

Our standards

SIBELCO conducts its business in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and complies with internationally recognized fundamental environmental, health and safety, labour and social standards. 

These standards are critical to SIBELCO’s basis of conducting its own business and to any business transaction with others of which SIBELCO is a party.

  • Health and Safety is a paramount concern for our company, deeply ingrained in our ethos and operations. We expect our suppliers to mirror this commitment, demonstrating the same level of diligence and adherence to health and safety standards in their activities.
  • Sustainability: we understand that the sustainable future cannot be achieved without our suppliers and business partners. For that reason, Sibelco only works with suppliers and business partners who are committed to the same. By 2030, we aim to have 100% of suppliers and partners assessed and monitored on ESG criteria. Please refer to this document to comply with Sibelco requirements.

    Suppliers are expected to continuously improve their environmental performance and reduce their environmental footprint. This includes adhering to all applicable laws and regulations regarding environmental practices.

Become a supplier

Before working together, all suppliers must commit to the principles laid out in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

This document is an integral element of our procurement process, outlining Sibelco’s commitment to do business sustainably and responsibly in relation to:

  • health, safety & quality
  • human rights & labour standards
  • legal rights & ethical business practices
  • environmental protection

Once familiar with the Supplier Code of Conduct, please get in touch with us via the contact form to complete the Supplier Application Form.

All supplier applications will be screened via a risk-based performance assessment. Any risks identified will be fully audited.  

You will be notified as soon as your supplier application is approved, and your company details will be registered in our SAP system.

No Purchase Order - No Pay Policy

You must request a purchase order (PO) number from us BEFORE delivering goods / commencing services. PO numbers must be referenced on all invoices, delivery notes and any related correspondence.

Invoices without a PO number will not be paid.

This policy streamlines the administrative process, enables easy tracking of orders, and avoids unnecessary payment delays. You can find more information about the policy here.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions documents are applicable to the purchase of goods or services by Sibelco Group entities based in the locations indicated on this page. You may need to install Adobe Reader to view these documents.


With 118 production sites spread across 31 countries and a global logistics network, we supply material solutions to customers worldwide.  Some of our products travel just a few kilometres to our customers’ factories, whilst others are transported across continents via sea, rail and road. Find out more information about each of our sites, including minerals produced, precise location, opening hours and contact details.   

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