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  • For all Lime Product Data Sheets please contact Graymont via email: or calling 1800 931 063. Sibelco sold its Australian Lime operations to Graymont in August 2019.
  • For all Magnesia Product Data Sheets please contact QMAG via email: or calling 07 4920 0200. Sibelco sold its Australian Magnesia operations in March 2020 to Refratechnik.
  • For all Australian Sand Product Data Sheets please contact Holcim Sibelco sold its Australian Sand operations in April 2020 to Holcim.
  • For all Bentonite Product Data Sheets please contact Sibelco sold its Australian Bentonite operations in October 2021 to Terrequip.

In the NSW mining industry, there has been an increasing number of workers injured in falls from mobile plant. Sibelco Australia has developed an educational video with the NSW Resources Regulator to raise awareness and to assist our workers, contractors and mine operators in the broader industry with identifying some of the requirements for fall prevention on their mobile plant. Click here to watch the video.

Environmental management

Our extensive environmental management and monitoring program incorporates water and air quality, noise, as well as fauna and flora criteria. We recognise that climate change is an issue that presents social, economic and environmental risks and requires a global response.

Sibelco is committed to reducing pollution impacts from its operations on the environment. The following links provide access to Sibelco’s environmental monitoring data and pollution incident response management plans – public notification procedures, as required under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 and the Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Regulation 2009. Data is available from March 2012 and is updated as received.

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