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Sibelco PORTARYTE® natural baryte delivers a range of benefits, from improving UV and chemical resistance in coatings, to increased soundproofing in plastics and enhanced friction in brake linings.



Baryte (also referred to as barite or barytes) is the naturally-occurring form of barium sulphate (BaS04). It has a high specific gravity (4.5) and very low solubility.  

Sibelco’s natural baryte (known as PORTARYTE®) is used mainly in the following applications: 

  • Coatings: to improve UV resistance, sandability, chemical resistance and gloss control, to increase density, and as a cost-effective replacement for precipitated baryte. 
  • Polymers: to improve sound proofing in plastics and opacity in resin systems, to increase weight, and as a cost-effective replacement for precipitated baryte.  
  • Automotive: to improve friction in brake linings. 

Key characteristics of natural baryte include: 

  • high inertness  
  • high density, resulting in low oil absorption 
  • medium Mohs hardness of 3 
  • high refractive index of 1.64 
  • easy wetting 
  • easy dispersion  
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