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Nepheline syenite

Mined from our premium deposit in Stjernøy, Norway, Sibelco high-purity nepheline syenite delivers benefits across a range of applications including ceramics, glass, coatings and polymers.


Nepheline syenite

Nepheline syenite is a quartz-free aluminium silicate. It primarily comprises nepheline, microcline and albite. Because of its extremely low melting point and high alumina content, Sibelco nepheline syenite is used as a flux in ceramics, to lower melting temperatures in glass, and as a functional filler in coatings and polymers. 

Learn more about how Sibelco’s nepheline syenite helps glass manufacturers to reduce energy consumption.

Case study: Greener glass

Mined and processed at our premium deposit in Stjernøy, Norway, our nepheline syenite products are characterised by: 

  • high purity 
  • low melting point 
  • high alumina content 
  • free of crystalline silica  
  • high brightness 
  • relatively low refractive index  
  • high inertness  
  • easy wetting 
  • transparency for UV-radiation  


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