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Sibelco feldspar plays an important role as a fluxing agent in ceramics and glass, and as a functional filler in paints, plastics, rubber and adhesives.



The term feldspar refers to a group of alumino-silicate minerals which make up over half of the earth’s crust. 

Valued for their high alumina and alkali content, Sibelco feldspars are used across a range of industrial applications including:  

  • Ceramics: as a fluxing agent to lower firing temperatures, bond together system components and increase casting rates
  • Glass: as a fluxing agent to reduce the melting temperature of quartz and to control the viscosity of the glass 
  • Coatings & Polymers: as a functional filler and extender with a relatively high Mohs harness (6), low electrical conductivity, good dispersibility and chemical inertness. 


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