Attractive employer

Achieve a min 30:70 gender balance for executive leadership

Achieve a min 25:75 gender balance for total workforce

Improvement on employee engagement score of 77 (2019)

People are essential to Sibelco’s success and our culture is integral to our strategy.

We aim to embed a consistent culture that helps Sibelco attract, engage and retain the best people. 

We have set ourselves specific goals to track our progress in being considered an attractive employer. These cover three themes – diversity, retention and engagement.

Our current diversity focus is on gender. Companies in the natural resources sector have typically struggled to attract and retain female employees and leaders. At Sibelco we have implemented a hiring process that aims to encourage the recruitment of female candidates and we have a target of increasing the proportion of female employees from 20% to 25% by 2025. We have also implemented an objective to double the proportion of female leaders in our executive leadership team (the top 50 leaders in Sibelco) from 15% to 30% over the same time span.