Engaging with society


From the materiality assessment, we developed our environmental, social and governance (ESG) model with associated priorities, built around 3 core elements: protecting the planet, caring for our people and engaging with society.

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) form a universal blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all by 2030.  

Engaging with society contributes to two of the seventeen SDGs:


Business Ethics

Guided by a strong set of moral principles and values, we make ethical decisions, manage risk and conduct our business in full compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements, in a way that achieves an optimal balance between environmental, societal and economic needs.

We will develop a targeted strategy to formalise and support our current business ethics approach.

Our 2030 Goals:

• train employees annually on anti-corruption and competition law compliance

• develop a country risk assessment report for all new country entries

• approve and report on all gifts and donations

• 100% of suppliers and partners assessed and monitored on ESG criteria


Community & Stakeholder Engagement

Continuous two-way dialogue with local communities and stakeholders supports positive relationships and creates mutually beneficial outcomes, ensuring that we earn and maintain our social licence to operate.

Our 2030 Goals:

• 100% of sites with a community & stakeholder engagement plan in place

• report on community investments year-over-year


Corporate Governance

Our business is governed at all times by a robust set of rules, practices and processes at Board and management level which are fully aligned with our purpose, values and strategy, thereby providing a framework for consistent decision making. Our sustainability reporting is in line with required standards.

Our 2030 Goals:

• build an integrated ESG management oversight to ensure strong accountability

• ensure integrated reporting in line with CSRD, standards and assurance requirements


License to Operate

We adopt a ‘whole of life approach’ to strategic permitting with a methodology covering the entire lifespan of the operation – before, during and after mining; To maintain our licence to operate, we continuously manage risk and proactively manage the impacts of our operations, not only in compliance with legislative requirements but also in tune with the high expectations of our stakeholders.

Our 2030 Goals:

• pro-actively identify risks and opportunities to minimise ESG impacts while building strong relations with key stakeholders


Reserve Life

We identify high quality mineral deposits and proactively work with all key stakeholders to access mineral resources; robust feasibility studies ensure mine plans that allow us to extract sustainably, limiting our footprint with progressive rehabilitation towards a supported post-closure vision or rehabilitation plan; we are focused on resource efficiency with high-quality minerals for high-quality applications. This prolongs the life of our assets/deposits and balances the linear with circular economy to provide customers with a long-term and stable supply of high-quality material solutions.

Our 2030 Goals:

• reserve and resources in 2030 to be larger than 2021 in absolute tons

Our key priorities

The other 2 priorities associated with the updated sustainability model: protecting the planet and caring for our people. 

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