Glass Recycling
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Glass Recycling

Every year we produce over 3 million tonnes of premium-quality cullet for container glass & other applications including glass wool, flat glass, filtration, flacons, road marking & flooring.

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With a lower melting point than primary raw materials, recycled glass (cullet) enables container glass manufacturers to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions, as well as diverting waste glass from landfill.

Every year we source and transform over 3 million tonnes of glass waste into premium quality cullet via 24 recycling facilities across Belgium, Estonia, France, Italy, Poland and the UK.

Our unique process removes metals, plastics, paper and card from the waste batch, before filtering the remaining glass by size and purity. Optical sorting technology then separates the cullet into four distinct colours:

  • Clear (99% flint)
  • Green (mixed cullet)
  • Amber (max 60% mixed cullet)
  • Dead Leaf (low chromium oxide content)

Most of our cullet products return to the container glass industry, enabling our customers to complete a valuable closed-loop recycling process.

Other applications include:

  • flat glass
  • flacons
  • flooring systems
  • glass wool
  • road marking   
  • water filtration


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