The metallurgy industry demands materials that deliver consistent results in extreme conditions. Our range of minerals and technical expertise combine to provide solutions for customers across three sectors: foundry, steel and refractories. 


To avoid variations and scrapped castings, it’s important to use the right type and quality of sand for core and mould making. The right choice of sand should be determined by parameters such as a casting’s size, casting temperature, the type of metal in the casting and the production equipment used.

The broad range of materials in our foundry portfolio enables us to meet customers’ precise requirements, from chemical composition to grain size distribution. Products include:

  • bentonite
  • chromite sand
  • cristobalite flour
  • ester hardeners
  • olivine sand
  • resin-coated sand
  • silica flour
  • vermiculite
  • waterglass binders
  • zircon sand
  • zircon flour


High-grade olivine sits at the centre of our steel portfolio, with brands such as Oliflux® and Thermtech® valued by customers worldwide for their high refractoriness and thermal properties.

Olivine performs as an excellent source of magnesium oxide (MgO) and as a cost-effective slag conditioning of the blast furnace in pig iron production. It works in a number of ways:

  • by direct charge as a slag conditioner, balancing slag viscosity and transferring impurities from the iron into the slag;
  • with pellets to improve the high temperature properties of the iron ore pellets;
  • with sinter in order to reduce energy costs.

Olivine offers a superior MgO contribution in comparison to other basic additives, including dolomite, magnesite and serpentine.

Our olivine solutions for tundish wear lining include wet spray masses, and dry products for cold and thermal setting. We also offer a range of tap hole fillers for electric arc furnaces.


High temperature environments demand materials with exceptional refractory properties.

Our high-grade olivine products are able to withstand chemical attack, increase impact strength and thermal stability, and improve insulating properties, thereby bringing value in a number of refractory applications, including:

  • insulation lining in continuous steel casting
  • steel ladle lining
  • spray and ramming mixes
  • casting powders
  • fired and chemically-bonded refractory shapes
  • castables, repair mixes and mortars
  • welding rods and fluxes

Our QMAG® range of electrofused grades are used in high-quality MgO-C, MgO-Dol, MgO-Spinel, MgO-Chrome, MgO and AMC bricks in various zones (including the slag zone) of ladles and EAF, as well as in converters. Drawn from the same high-quality cryptocrystalline deposit in Australia, all of our magnesia grades are double-burned and consistent in quality. They feature large crystal size, high density, high C/S and low iron, resulting in superior secondary phases for optimised slag resistance.


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