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Bentonite is a soft aluminium phyllosilicate clay. Made up mainly of montmorillonite, bentonite is valued for its bonding, sealing, absorption and lubrication properties. Natural bentonite is classified by the predominant balancing cation, normally sodium or calcium.



All applications of bentonite rely on its reaction with water. The bonding properties of Sibelco sodium bentonite occur in the early stage of water absorption, approximating its plastic limit of 50% to 70%. When mixed at low concentration in water, it exhibits a stable thinning behaviour.

Sibelco sodium bentonite is used in a range of applications, including:

Foundry: as a binder in casting / mould making, and for use in civil engineering, drilling, pelletising.

Construction: as a thickening agent in, for example, dry mortar mixes

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