To meet the needs of a growing population, global food production must double by 2050 whilst the availability of arable land decreases.   

Through a range of mineral solutions, we’re helping farmers to increase productivity and improve yields through better soil and healthier livestock.

Soil improvement

We offer a range of mineral additives for use in agriculture and soil health, including magnesium, bentonite, calcium and other mineral mix.

These minerals provide a number of key benefits:

  • Regulate important processes such as nutrient uptake
  • Correct soil acidity levels to restore optimum pH balance
  • Increase fertiliser efficiency
  • Ensure strong plant cell walls and healthier, more resistant plants
  • Increased crop yield

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Animal feed & bedding

Our minerals for animal feed help to ensure that your livestock get the necessary nutrition for healthy growth. 

Our range includes:

  • magnesium: an essential nutrient for all animals, but often lacking in spring grazing pastures
  • bentonite: working as a highly efficient pelletising and binding agent

Stringent quality control

In Europe alone we deliver more than 100,000 tons of minerals for animal feed each year. We employ rigorous quality control procedures at each stage of the process to ensure microbiological, physical and chemical safety.

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How can we help you?

We work with specialist agricultural distributors worldwide.

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