Sibelco Executive Committee

The Board has delegated its management and operational powers to the Executive Committee (ExCo).


Jean-Luc Deleersnyder

1961, Belgium
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Deleersnyder has been Chief Executive Officer of Sibelco since 2014. Mr. Deleersnyder joined Sibelco in April 2006 and served as CEO Europe and Group Chief Operating Officer prior to his appointment as the Chief Executive Officer in 2014. Prior to joining Sibelco, from 1996 to 2006, he was Executive Vice President of Umicore, a global materials technology company. He started his career at McKinsey & Co., where he worked from 1988 to 1996. Mr. Deleersnyder received a Master’s degree in Electro-mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Operations Management, both from University of Ghent (Belgium). Mr. Deleersnyder serves on the Board of Directors of Covia Holdings Corporation.


Laurence Boens

1959, Belgium
Chief Legal Officer and Company Secretary

Mrs. Boens joined Sibelco in 1990 as in-house Legal Counsel and became member of the Sibelco Executive Committee in 2006. Prior to joining Sibelco, Mrs. Boens was a private practice lawyer at the Antwerp Bar for nine years. She holds a Master’s degree in Law from the University of Ghent.






Kurt Decat

1965, Belgium
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Decat joined Sibelco in 2015 as Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining Sibelco, Mr. Decat served for 13 years as the Chief Finance Officer and as a Director of Taminco Corporation, a global specialty chemical company. Earlier in his career, Mr. Decat held a number of finance, procurement and audit positions at Coopers Lybrand, FedEx Corporation, Minit Group, Domo International and Corus Aluminium. Mr. Decat holds a Master’s degree in Commercial Engineering and an MBA from Catholic University of Leuven. Mr. Decat serves on the Board of Directors of Covia Holdings Corporation.



Phil Dibley

Chief Human Resources Officer

Mr. Dibley joined Sibelco in 2001 as Executive General Manager for Human Resources in Australia and Asia. He was appointed as Chief Human Resources Officer in 2014. Prior to joining Sibelco, Mr. Dibley occupied positions in human resource management and operations management in the petrochemical industry. Mr. Dibley holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Sydney and post-graduate qualifications in management from INSEAD and the University of New South Wales. Mr. Dibley attends all Exco meetings as a permanent invitee.




Ilse Kenis

1976, Belgium
Executive Vice President Glass & Performance Materials

Ms. Kenis joined Sibelco in 2012 in a strategic development role. She became director of strategic development in 2014 and occupied global businesses and strategic marketing leadership roles before taking up Business Unit leadership for Water & Environmental Solutions. She was appointed to her current position on the Executive Committee in 2020. Prior to joining Sibelco, Ms. Kenis was a Knowledge Expert in the metals and mining practice of McKinsey & Company and occupied academic roles in Germany and Belgium. She holds a Ph.D in Geology from the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) and is a trained business coach.



Olivier Lambrechts

1980, Belgium
Executive Vice President Build Environment & Electronics

Mr. Lambrechts joined Sibelco in 2015 and served as Executive Vice President, Corporate Development until 2019, when he was appointed to the Executive Committee. Prior to joining Sibelco, from 2008 until 2015, Mr. Lambrechts was an Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company, where he served global industrial companies on topics including strategy, organization, M&A and large-scale transformations. From 2003 until 2007, he served as Ph.D. Researcher at K.U. Leuven, where he received a Ph.D. in Applied Economics in 2007. In addition to his Ph.D., Mr. Lambrechts has a Master’s degree in Business Engineering. In addition to his role at Sibelco, Mr. Lambrechts serves on the Board of Directors of Covia Holdings Corporation.

John van Put

1962, the Netherlands
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Van Put joined Sibelco in 2014 and was appointed to the Executive Committee in 2015 as CEO of Sibelco Europe. Between 2016 and 2019, Mr. Van Put served as Sibelco’s Chief Commercial Officer before taking up his current responsibilities in 2020. Prior to joining Sibelco, Mr. van Put was a member of the Executive Board of materials company H.C.Starck with specific responsibility for Advanced Materials and Ceramic Powders. He started his career at Umicore in 1991, serving first in Research & Development and then in various operational leadership positions until 2008. Mr. Van Put has a Ph.D in Applied Sciences and a Master’s in Mining Engineering from Delft University of Technology.