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From whiteness to durability, Sibelco cristobalite sands and powders bring a wide range of benefits as a specialist additive in engineered stone, coating and polymer applications.



Sibelco cristobalite is a high temperature polymorph of high purity quartz, produced at 1,500°C through calcination and iron-free grinding. 

The calcination process changes the crystalline composition of the quartz, creating a more open ring structure of Si02 units. Our cristobalite sands and powders (brand name SIBELITE®) offer one of the highest brightness levels of any mineral. 

Cristobalite can be characterised by:

  • high brightness
  • relatively high Mohs hardness of 6.5
  • relatively low refractive index
  • easy wetting
  • high inertness in various media
  • transparency for UV-radiation 
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