Our EQUESIL™ range of sands, combined with a stabilising fibre or rubber, help to create high performance equestrian surfaces with optimal levels of firmness and traction.

The choice of sand is important in achieving the right balance. A surface that is too soft will ‘ride deep’ and potentially cause strain injuries. A surface that is too hard will not provide adequate cushioning, resulting in higher impact on the horse’s joints whilst increasing the risk of injury to a falling rider. A good sand will also ensure optimal drainage and durability and be non-staining.

The EQUESIL™ range is suitable for all types of equestrian systems including conventional, ebb and flow, reining, all weather, natural grass and gallops.

Product key features

Key features of sands in the EQUESIL™ range:

  • angular to sub-rounded particle shape provides the right level of compactness and firmness
  • particle size distribution (including fine to very fine) ensures moisture retention, good drainage and compactness
  • low clay and silt content supports drainage (especially important in waxed surfaces)



We work with leading equestrian contractors across Europe. Recent projects include:

  • Equestrian surface Greenwich Park – London Olympics 2012, England
  • Equestrian – Rio Olympics 2016, Brazil
  • Montenmedio Equestrian Club, Cádiz, Spain
  • Polo Santa Maria, Cádiz, Spain
  • Sevilla Horse Tour, Sevilla, Spain
  • Sociedade Hípico Portuguesa, Portugal
  • Knokke Hipique, Belgium
  • 2017 FEI European Championships Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Falsterbo Horse Show, Sweden-Case study: How Sibelco’s EQUESIL™ delivered a winning performance at Falsterbo
  • Pau Racecourse, France


How can we help you?

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