From local community football pitches to international stadiums and world-class training facilities, our TURFSIL NATURAL™ range will help ensure that your pitch always performs at the highest level.

Our sands are carefully calibrated and graded in line with your specification, ensuring consistent performance every time. As well as traditional turf surfaces, our TURFSIL NATURAL™ products have been widely used in the new generation of hybrid pitches with outstanding results.

For high-performance top dressings and rootzones, our sands can be mixed with an organic amendment such as peat or soil, or (in some countries) with an inorganic amendment such as zeolite or bentonite.

Product range

Our TURFSIL NATURAL™ range includes:

  • calibrated sands
  • rootzones
  • top dressings
  • amelioration sands


Technical resources

Materials from our TURFSIL NATURAL™ range have helped to create and maintain some of the world’s most famous football pitches, including:

  • Manchester United FC , Old Trafford Stadium and training facilities, England
  • Manchester City FC, Eithad Stadium and training facilities, England
  • Wembley Stadium, England
  • ​Arsenal FC, Emirates Stadium and training facilities, England
  • Tottenham Hotspur FC, stadium and training facilities, England
  • Chelsea FC, Stamford Bridge Stadium and training facilities, England
  • ​FC Barcelona, Johan Cruyff Stadium and training facilities, Spain
  • OHL King Power Stadium, Belgium
  • Stade De France, France
  • Paris Saint Germain, stadium and training facilities, France
  • Rome Olympic Stadium Football, Italy


How can we help you?

Please get in touch today to talk about any performance issues you are experiencing with an existing playing surface or to discuss any future construction projects. We’re here to help.