COBANASIL® has been used at some of the world’s leading beach sports events. Its attractive colour, low dust content, sub-rounded particle shape and compactness combine to deliver the perfect playing experience for beach volleyball, handball, soccer and tennis.

COBANASIL® meets all specifications stipulated by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) and is the sand of choice for the Belgian international beach volleyball team.

COBANASIL® is approved for Indoor Beach usage by the German Federation of Volleyball (DVV) and certified with “DVV 1 Beach Indoor”. This means that our product is considered optimal for indoor beach games of DVV Teams and the German National Team.”

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COBANASIL®‘s physical properties also make it a perfect choice for long jump and triple jump pits, providing athletes with a smooth, safe landing in line with IAAF specifications.


COBANASIL® has been chosen for some of the world’s leading beach sports tournaments

  • FIVB World Tour, Rome (2019 & 2020)
  • FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, Marseille
  • Beach Volleyball – London Olympics 2012, England
  • Gothenburg Beach Center (world’s largest indoor beach sports hall), Sweden

Sibelco sand is not dusty at all and has a fantastic colour – just an amazing playing experience.

Dries Koekelkoren: Belgian international beach volleyball player

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