Bioenergy is a key component of EU Energy Strategy and expected to have a double-digit growth in the coming years! The increase in Bionergy will change the Biomass fuel mix, with agricultural and domestic waste growing faster against traditional virgin wood: this means that companies will need to burn more high alkali fuels than before!

Sibelco’s new bed material – GREENFLOWTM – has been specifically developed to help customers using Circulating Fluidized Bed and Bubbling Fluidized Bed technologies to process high alkali biomass efficiently by reducing unwanted reactions between bed material and alkali fuels in the boiler/gasifier. Increasing the combustion efficiency, in combination with less volume of bed material needed, will bring an immediate positive effect on profitability!


KEY Advantages of GREENFLOWTM against standard bed materials for challenging fuels!


Our GREENFLOWTM Olivine comes from a unique Sibelco resource in Norway, ensuring cleanness, purity and sustainable mining operations and work conditions.



Discover how Sibelco helped Fortum, a leading clean-energy producer, to solve their agglomeration problems with GREENFLOWTM.

GREENFLOW technical data sheet

GREENFLOW presentation


Our GREENFLOWTM is playing a key role in the boilers of some important companies:

  • Carbonex (France)
  • Ence Huelva (Spain)
  • Fortum (Norway)
  • Goteborg Energi, GoBiGas Project (Sweden)
  • Eska (Netherlands)
  • Synnov Dechet (France)
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