Aluminium trihydrate

The vast majority of aluminium trihydrate is derived from bauxite ore. Aluminium trihydrate is used as a feedstock for the manufacture of other aluminium compounds such as calcined aluminas, aluminium sulfate, polyaluminium chloride, aluminium chloride, zeolites, sodium aluminate, activated alumina, aluminium nitrate.

Aluminium trihydrate also finds use as a fire retardant filler for polymer applications in a similar way to magnesium hydroxide and mixtures of huntite and hydromagnesite. It can also be applied as an ultra-low iron source for aluminium oxide (Al2O3) in glass melting furnaces.


  • Coatings and polymers
  • Construction (counters and other solid surfaces)
  • Glass
  • Pharmaceuticals and hygiene products
Aluminium trihydrate