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Whatever the sport, the surface it’s played on is expected to perform all year round, regardless of weather conditions or volume of play. The choice of construction and maintenance materials is critical in achieving this, heavily influencing key factors such as drainage rates and durability.

At Sibelco, we’ll help ensure that your surface is always in peak condition with our wide range of high-performance sands, top dressing and rootzone materials, engineered to your specifications. Whether it’s an existing surface or a new build project, a local authority facility or an international venue, we have the products and knowhow to help you deliver outstanding results.

Our solutions

Our range of calibrated sands, top dressings, rootzones and other materials have been specially developed to meet the specific requirements of surfaces for different sports.

TURFSIL NATURAL™: for outstanding football and rugby pitches, and for the golf courses to get pristine greens, fairways, tees and bunkers

TURFSIL ARTIFICIAL™: dried infill sands to maximise performance

EQUESIL™: create an optimal balance of firmness and traction

COBANASIL®: specially developed for beach sports and athletics

PLAY SAND: provide a fun and safe playing experience in indoor or outdoor play pits

Why choose us?

Quality and choice
We offer a wide portfolio of calibrated sands, top dressings, rootzones and other materials. All of our production sites employ rigorous quality control procedures to ensure that products meet your specifications and deliver consistent performance every time.

Logistical expertise
With operations in 30 countries and an extensive supply chain network, we’ll ensure that your materials arrive on time and in top condition, regardless of your project’s location. We’re used to delivering projects within extremely tight timescales and construction schedules.

Technical knowhow
We’ve been part of the sports and leisure business for over 30 years, working with some of the world’s leading agronomists, architects and sports surface construction specialists. Our in-house sports surface laboratory (part of the USGA Proficiency Testing Programme) helps us to quickly test and diagnose problems with existing surfaces and recommend corrective action.

Extensive experience
From golf to football to beach volleyball to equestrian, we work across the full range of sports. We’ve delivered projects of all shapes and sizes, from local authority playing fields through to international golfing venues and iconic football stadiums.

Where we play

With 163 production sites across 30 countries, we work with customers worldwide.

See our European sports & leisure production facilities

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How can we help you?

Whether you’re looking to improve or replace an existing surface, or about to embark on a brand new construction project, we can help.

We’ll match the right materials to your conditions to ensure that your surface performs at the right level, week in week out. 

Please contact us to discuss the challenges you’re facing today or any future projects. We’re here to support you.