Renewable Energy

As global demand for cleaner energy continues to rise, manufacturers of renewable technologies need a sustainable supply of high quality materials to support new growth and innovation.

We’re working with customers in three renewable segments: biomass, solar and wind. Our solutions deliver a range of functional benefits, and our customers have the confidence that all materials have been sustainably mined and processed in order to minimize environmental impact.


Europe’s 2020 Energy Strategy will see bioenergy usage more than double within just 15 years, driven by policies through targets and incentives.

Amongst the different fuels, biomasses will take a leading role in the renewable energy family, in heat and electricity sectors.

The increase of bioenergy will imply a change in biomass mix availability: from traditional wood based residues to efficient burning of agricultural and domestic waste that are available in large quantities!

The usage of this material comes with an important problem for boilers: face technical issues caused by high-alkali fuels in combination with inappropriate bed materials!

The increase in bioenergy means that the availability of biomass fuels is changing


Sibelco FLOWGARD® is the answer to this emerging technical problem: a family of material solutions dedicated to Bioenergy market for answering the increasing needs coming from a general growth of energy consumption and a parallel decrease of fuel availability.

The brand FLOWGARD® includes an umbrella of minerals and additives, addressing the most important boiler operational issues as well as increase the overall performance of boilers, lowering combustion emissions and reduce the risk of shutdown for agglomerations.

From improving heat transfer and controlling temperatures, through to limiting NOx emissions and reducing corrosion, our products deliver significant benefits for biomass operators.

Download the FLOWGARD® brochure: Improve Boiler Efficiency

Our product range includes:

  • GREENFLOW TM: an olivine-based and alkali resistant mineral helping fluidized boilers to increase efficiency in the burning of specific types of biomass. Discover how our dedicated GREENFLOW TM can help you!
  • Kaolin
  • Silica Sand


The chemical properties of our silica solutions help to maximise energy conversion in solar panels, supporting one of the world’s cleanest sources of energy.

The purity and consistency of our products is a vital factor in ensuring a panel’s performance.

Our materials are also used to produce solar crucibles.


Silica is also an essential component in the fiberglass used to manufacture wind turbines.

Utilised for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, fiberglass relies on high quality silica to maximise performance.

We also produce OLIDENSE Olivine used as high density aggregate for the world’s toughest construction challenges. Discover the difference OLIDENSE could make to your next construction project.

Renewable Energy

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