Renewable Energy

We offer a range of high-performance material solutions that help to enhance the efficient production of biomass, solar and wind energy.

Our materials deliver a range of functional benefits, and you can be confident that all materials have been responsibly mined and processed in order to minimise any environmental impact.


The rapid growth in bioenergy has meant implications for the type of biomass feedstock used. With less traditional wood-based fuel available, the industry is seeing a sharp increase in the use of lower cost, high-alkali feedstocks such as agricultural and domestic waste.

Burning high-alkali materials causes increased bed agglomeration, fouling and corrosion, resulting in more shutdowns and reduced overall boiler efficiency. It can also create higher levels of NOx emissions.

To combat these issues, Sibelco has developed the Flowguard range of minerals and additives. Our solutions enable the use of agricultural and domestic waste as an efficient alternative to wood-based feedstock, helping to improve heat transfer and temperature control whilst limiting or eliminating unwanted side effects.

The Flowguard range includes:

• Greenflow Olivine
• Kaolin
• Silica Sand
• Feldspathic Sand
• Ilmenite


Our low-iron sands and dolomites are used to create the glass cover of a solar PV unit. The low-iron properties and stability of these high-quality materials help to increase light transmission, thereby maximising levels of electricity generation.

Sibelco’s IOTA® high purity quartz is used in the production of silicon wafers. It can be found in approximately 35% of all solar panels, valued for its ability to meet rigorous quality standards and technical specifications to deliver maximum performance.


Silica sand is an essential ingredient in the fiberglass used to manufacture wind turbines. Our solutions provide the purity, quality and consistency needed to maximise the performance of the fiberglass, utilised by turbine manufacturers for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio.
Sibelco Olidense® is also used in offshore wind. As a high-density aggregate, Olidense® provides maximum strength and stability as a ballast for turbines operating in some of the world’s toughest conditions.


GREENFLOW olivine is a high-performance bed material for both CFB and BFB boilers.

As a magnesium iron silicate, GREENFLOW has a much higher resistance to alkaline fuel sources than sand. It therefore limits the impact of reaction problems such as agglomeration, fouling and corrosion.

GREENFLOW’s catalytic properties help to increase combustion efficiency and its use enables boiler operators to burn higher volumes of agricultural and domestic waste feedstock whilst using less bed materials.


The addition of Sibelco kaolin to a boiler bed mix helps to minimise or eliminate slagging, fouling and corrosion caused by the use of lower-cost, alkaline feedstocks.

Burning these types of feedstocks results in alkaline metals such as sodium, potassium and calcium being released into the flue gas as vapor. This causes complex reactions including dissolution, sulfation and sintering, which in turn leads to slagging and fouling.

With an alumina content of ~35%, Sibelco kaolin works as an alkali sorbent, capturing and encapsulating alkali elements within compounds which remain solid at boiler temperatures before exiting as fly or bottom ash. Its effectiveness enables the efficient burning of otherwise hard to use fuels, resulting in significant cost savings.

Sibelco kaolin is mined and processed at our plants in Devon (UK) and Hostun (France).

Renewable Energy

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