Sibelco's Partnership in the Flemish Green Deal for Wild Pollinators in the extractive industry

Biodiversity is a key priority for Sibelco. We are proud to announce our participation in the Green Deal, a significant initiative aimed at reversing the decline of wild pollinator populations, as outlined in the Flemish Wild Pollinators Action Plan.

Let's Pollinate Flanders!

In tandem with the Committee of Flemish Extractive Industry (O.V.O.) and the Flemish government, and joined by various partners, Sibelco is committed to enriching the biodiversity of our quarries and more in particular for wild polinators.

Our quarries in Flanders, known for their diverse terrains, have become important points for nature development. Serving as islands of biodiversity in an urbanised landscape, these areas present many opportunities. Through strategic interventions, Sibelco is committed to promoting attractive spots for wild pollinators in our quarries.

The Green Deal aims for swift and sustainable actions, launching initiatives to counteract the declining trend of wild pollinator populations. “Improving habitat quality and increasing the favourable area to pollinators are crucial steps we want to take within this Green Deal” says Zuhal Demir, Flemish Minister for environment. This commitment extends not only to reclaimed areas but also to the associated facilities, fostering sustainability organically, without the need for additional regulations.

On January 25th, Sibelco, along with all partners, formally pledged their commitment to the Green Deal. Sibelco's VP Sustainability, Cathy Blervacq, stated, 

We ensure that our activities support biodiversity and always leave a positive legacy. Together with Sibelco customers and partners, we take pride in being part of this collective journey.

Cathy Blervacq

Sibelco's VP Sustainability

Explore our sustainability initiatives and discover how Sibelco is contributing to a greener and more biodiverse future:

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