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Supporting Next Generation Education

Now in its third year, Sibelco’s Young Apprentice youth education program is helping to build a brighter future for young people in Jarinu, Brazil.   

Youth EducationLike all towns and cities, Jarinu faces a range of social and economic issues.  One of its key challenges is a shortage of qualified, technically-skilled workers.  To address the situation, Jarinu is working to raise the aspirations of its youth population and equip young people with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today’s workplace.

The commissioning of Sibelco’s new plant in Jarinu in 2015 provided us with the opportunity to make a positive difference to the local community through the introduction of our Young Apprentice youth education program.  Run by volunteers from Sibelco’s Jarinu team in association with several local education partners, the program is helping students from three local high schools to develop new professional and personal skills through a series of business-related modules.

Students participate in forty hours of learning, combining lectures, group workshops and visits to Sibelco’s Jarinu plant.  The syllabus covers most aspects of modern business, from engineering, logistics and IT through to sustainability, human resources and finance.  In addition to plant visits, students benefit from access to Sibelco’s auditorium and meeting facilities, as well as course support materials.

The program is designed to identify participants’ skills and competencies at a young age, helping to raise self-esteem and increase motivation to pursue future employment opportunities.  So far 140 young people have participated in the program with an average of 47 out of 50 students receiving full certification each year.

The success of the Young Apprentice Program epitomises Sibelco’s commitment to our local communities.  By raising aspirations and widening opportunities for the next generation, we are helping to build a brighter future for Jarinu.

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