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Lifesaving Solutions – ATH flame retardants slow fire burn rate

Our Portaflame™ and Securoc™ range of ATH flame retardants slow down the rate at which fire burns and reduce smoke toxicity, dramatically increasing the chances of escape from a burning building.

ATH_FireSafetyModern synthetic materials mean that house fires spread very quickly. Thirty years ago, you had around 17 minutes to escape a house fire, but today it is less than 5 minutes before flashover conditions take hold and a room becomes engulfed in flames. As the pace of urbanisation increases and more people are exposed to combustible materials, we need innovative new solutions to make buildings and transport safer.

When added to materials such as plastics, fabrics or electrical wiring, our Portaflame™ and Securoc™ flame retardants significantly slow down the rate at which a fire propagates, extending escape time from 5 minutes to up to 15 minutes.

Sibelco’s Flame retardant solutions are based on alumina trihydrate (ATH), hyrdromagnesite / huntite and colemanite. There materials efficiently release water molecules in an endothermic reaction. This not only slows down the spread of fire but also suppresses smoke, the inhalation of which is the primary killer in house fires. All of our flame retardant solutions are halogen-free, addressing growing health and environmental concerns associated with halogenated flame retardants.

We are working with our customers to continuously enhance our range of flame retardants, developing material solutions that create safer environments for everyone.

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Case Study: Lifesaving Solutions – ATH flame retardants slow down the rate at which fire burns (894kb)

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