Setting a new standard in glass recycling

Located 30km west of Bologna, our new facility at San Cesario sul Panaro is the latest addition to Sibelco’s growing glass recycling business. The new plant, which opened in April 2022, incorporates a range of technologies which are helping our local team to lead the way in sustainable glass recycling.

Solar panels on the roof of the building provide up to 600 kW of green energy, providing up to half of the plant’s electricity during daylight hours. Additional energy savings of up to 30% come from a flexible drying process that allows naturally-dried glass to bypass the dryer, whilst state-ofthe-art optical sorting technology reduces the amount of compressed air used in the cleaning process.

Production efficiency is maximised by detection cameras which constantly monitor the flow of materials across the plant’s three production lines, ensuring that each line always runs at full capacity. No water is used at any stage of the recycling process, and waste glass arriving at the site is immediately placed under cover to minimise the need for drying.

All waste glass arriving at San Cesario is sourced in Italy, and all recycled glass (cullet) produced for the container glass industry is used by local manufacturers. The combination of technologies employed at the plant allows our team to really maximise production yields and minimise waste.

With a lower melting point than primary raw materials, cullet enables container glass manufacturers to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions, as well as diverting waste glass from landfill. Glass recycling makes perfect environmental and economic sense, and San Cesario is making the equation even stronger.

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