Safer workplace

Keeping hands safe in the workplace

The introduction of a new gloves policy saw a 20% reduction in hand injuries.

Our hands are exposed to a range of potential dangers in the workplace every day. These include abrasion, extreme temperatures, cuts and punctures, impact, vibration and hazardous substances. It is therefore vital that our employees, contractors and visitors are always properly protected by wearing specialist gloves. In 2018, hand injuries accounted for 13% of all injuries in Sibelco. Analysis showed that 6% of these injuries could have been prevented or reduced in severity if the correct gloves had been worn. A strict global gloves policy was therefore introduced as part of a new Group Standard for Personal Protective Equipment. Since the policy’s introduction, the number of hand injuries fell by 20% over the course of 2019. This is a really positive result, but we will continue to work towards zero accidents with ongoing training and communication across all of our sites.

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