Keeping workplaces clean & tidy

Our global housekeeping campaign drove a 30% reduction in slips, trips and falls.

Slips, trips and falls are one of the most common causes of injury in the workplace and can also lead to more serious accidents with lost time. This fact is reflected in Sibelco’s Reportable Incident Rate which is driven mainly by a high number of small incidents.

To tackle this problem, we made clean sites and offices the focus of our 2020 safety campaign, giving all of our people the opportunity to create safer workplaces through good housekeeping practices.

The campaign kicked off in January with sites undertaking a general clean-up in accordance with the 5S framework1 which forms part of the Lean methodology. Each site and office then identified an area of housekeeping improvement upon which the local team focused for the remainder of the year.

Slips, trips and falls subsequently fell by 30% over the course of 2020 (from 14 incidents in 2019 to 8 this year). As well as reducing incidents, the housekeeping campaign helped to instil a sense of workplace pride amongst our teams. A clean site is now a condition of sites operating, helping us to make further ground in our journey to zero accidents.

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