From mining to olive oil production

When mining ceases, Sibelco strives to leave a positive legacy. Closure plans are in place for our sites, and rehabilitation projects can vary from the transformation of previous mines to natural areas, recreation areas or even… an olive tree field!

When mining ended at our Lupara quarry in Italy in 1986, Sibelco started a restoration project. Since the area where our quarry was located is a well known area for the production of olive oil, Sibelco decided to also plant olive oil trees in the former mining area. The area is especially suitable for growing olive oil trees, because of the clayey ground and silicious hills. 2500 trees were planted in the four hectares large area.

Olive oil trees

It takes some time for the olive oil trees to thrive, but in the 90s the moment was finally there to harvest the first olives and Sibelco started to produce its own, original olive oil named ‘Virtus’. Its fruitiness and almond flavour make it a perfect oil to be used as dressing for soups, barbecue meats, salads, vegetables and the typical Italian bruschetta. It serves as a nice gift to customers or other stakeholders, because it immediately shows what our restoration and broader Sustainability vision is.

Today, two of our colleagues – Paola Davini and Luca Isoardo – are still managing the project. Together with external employees, they still produce the delicious Sibelco oil, which is highly appreciated by the local village community. We hope that the domain will keep flourishing and we can keep making a positive impact on the local economy.

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