Employee Engagement


A global employee survey in 2019 gave colleagues a formal channel to speak up

Colleagues having their say.

At Sibelco, all colleagues are encouraged to speak up and share their views. Sibelco conducted a global survey in 2019 to gauge the levels of employee engagement and satisfaction. Over 81% of our global workforce completed the survey. This is an excellent response rate for a global survey, and it provided a picture of what works well and areas where colleagues would like Sibelco to improve.

The overall level of employee engagement score of 77% was higher than the benchmark companies in the natural resources and manufacturing sectors. Compared to these companies, the strengths of Sibelco include a strong safety culture and very good levels of trust, cooperation and respect. Areas that were identified as requiring improvement included the speed of decision making and further improvements to internal communication.

A global program to explain the results at country and function level and to define improvement actions will take place in 2020.

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