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Powering the growth in bioenergy

A recent report by the International Energy Agency identified bioenergy as the world’s fastest-growing renewable energy source, playing a vital role in building a more secure and sustainable energy system.

Bioenergy refers to electricity and gas generated from organic matter, known as biomass. This includes plants, wood, agricultural and food waste, and even sewage. Whilst burning biomass does create carbon dioxide, it releases the same amount of carbon that the organic matter absorbed while it grew. So unlike fossil fuels, bioenergy maintains the carbon balance of the atmosphere.

Biomass is burned on a commercial scale in fluidised bed boilers, the smooth running of which is key in maximising energy output. A central factor in the efficiency of the boiler is the ‘bed material’ which supports the fluidisation process and maximises combustion.

To support the growth in bioenergy, Sibelco has developed a range of high-performance bed materials. This includes GREENFLOW™, an olivine-based solution which helps to improve heat transfer and control temperatures within the boiler. As a magnesium iron silicate, GREENFLOW™ has a high resistance to alkaline fuel sources and therefore enables boiler operators to reduce the impact of common reaction problems such as agglomeration, fouling and corrosion.

GREENFLOW™ and other products in our range significantly increase the overall efficiency of the bioenergy production process, helping operators worldwide to generate increasing amounts of clean energy.

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