Sibelco material used in smartphones to enable 5G technology

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Following the earlier technologies from 1G to 4G, 5G networks promise ultra high speed, low latency and greater reliability. Compared to 4G, the 5G mobile technology will increase the wireless transmission speed and number of connected devices per unit area up to 100x. 

Nan Ya Plastics producing key materials as 5G enablers


, a customer of Sibelco in Taiwan, was founded in 1958 and is built around four core business segments. One of them, the ‘Electronic Materials Segment’, plays an important role in the development of 5G. The presence of Copper Clad Laminate – the basis of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), used in all electronic products – and Copper Foil – one of the raw materials of the Copper Clad Laminate – in the newest smartphones is crucial for the success of the 5G network. They help lay foundations for larger channels to speed up data, lower latency for a more responsive network and the ability to connect a lot more devices at once, compared to 4G. As one of the world’s top suppliers of Copper Clad Laminate and Copper Foil materials,  Nan Ya Plastics has become a key player in the development of advanced smartphone applications.   

The role of Sibelco’s fused silica and technologies 


Sibelco has a long-term relationship with Nan Ya Plastics, delivering 
high purity fused silica
 for the development of 5G Copper Clad Laminate. The basic raw materials of Copper Clad Laminate are resin, functional filler, fiber glass cloth and copper foil. The excellent quality of Sibelco’s fused silica, used to create the functional filler, enables the Copper Clad Laminate to meet specific requirements for 5G technology, enhancing data transmission and decreasing the chance of signal loss. 

We have also developed a specific surface treated technology for fused silica, which enhances the dispersion property in resin, another raw material in Copper Clad Laminate. 

“Our surface treated technology is very unique and customised. Its characteristics solve dispersing problems and decrease water absorption to enhance insulation. I’m proud that our company can help Nan Ya plastics build on the success of the 5G technology.” 

Siew Chien Chong

Vice President Commercial APAC

Sibelco offers different types of silane surface treated technologies to meet customer requirements. Read more about our products in the materials section of our website. 

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