Sibelco cycles for wellness & charity

Prioritizing health, safety, and charity with the first ‘Sibelco Bike Tour’ 

We understand the significance of sports in uniting people and making a positive impact. At Sibelco, we want to promote awareness of mental health and foster a healthy lifestyle. 

Beloved in Flanders, cycling holds a special place in our hearts. It is a sport that safeguards against serious illnesses, uplifts your mood, and improves overall fitness. It is a fun, low-impact exercise suitable for all ages and easily integrated into daily routines like commuting to work.  

Recently, a group of colleagues took the initiative to organize the first 'Sibelco Bike Tour' on 21 June. They embarked on an impressive route, through a Sibelco landscape of lakes and quarries, creating a unique bonding experience on wheels. 

With the support from Sibelco and Veeloheero as our supplier, we provided some Sibelco-branded shirts and facilitated a donation to the local charity 'To Walk Again.' This organization offers customised rehabilitation for individuals with physical disabilities. 

We are so thankful to all participants who made this event a success. As you engage in sports, remember to prioritize safety and enjoy your summer! 

To Walk Again VZW


To Walk Again vzw stands for hope, supporting people with physical disabilities on their journey towards an active and fulfilling life. Our organization works closely with leading international and Belgian (university) research groups to keep up with the latest insights. Equipped with advanced technology, To Walk Again offers customized rehabilitation for people with physical disabilities. 

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