Sibelco contributes to UN report on sand extraction

Sand plays a strategic role in delivering ecosystem services, vital infrastructure for economic development, providing livelihoods within communities and maintaining biodiversity. It is linked to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) either directly or indirectly. Despite the strategic importance of sand, its extraction, sourcing, use, and management remain largely ungoverned in many regions of the world, leading to numerous environmental and social consequences that have been largely overlooked.

UN report

This week the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and GRID-Geneva published the report “Sand and Sustainability : 10 strategic recommendations to avert a crisis” consolidating the expertise in sand and sustainability from different sectors. The report was prepared by a team of 22 authors in response to the UN Environment Assembly resolutions UNEP/EA.4/Res.19 on mineral resource governance and UNEP/EA.4/Res.5 on sustainable infrastructure.  

Sibelco was one of 10 global companies to contribute expertise to this important report. For more information on sustainable industrial sand production and an overview of Sibelco’s place in the value chain please see our recent paper on the topic.

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