Sibelco confirms receipt of summons

Sibelco confirms that it received a summons from one of its shareholders requesting the Antwerp court to appoint an expert to examine the merger of Fairmount Santrol and Unimin in 2017/2018.

Sibelco is of the opinion that the legal conditions for such expert appointment are not satisfied. As has been repeatedly communicated, the merger was based on sound industrial logic and was prepared in a professional and diligent manner by management and approved at the time at all stages by the board of directors of Sibelco.

The board has kept the shareholders informed on a regular basis of the merger and the shareholders granted discharge to the directors at the general annual meeting. Previous requests from this shareholder to have an expert appointed by the shareholders have been rejected by the majority of the shareholders. Furthermore, a US court has refused any actions against Sibelco with respect to the merger. Sibelco will pursue the matter through the relevant legal channels and will make no further comment.

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