Sibelco and Shark Solutions expand partnership in commercialising recycled PVB

Sibelco and recycling specialist Shark Solutions have entered into a commercial partnership in the area of laminated glass and PVB (PolyVinyl Butyral) residues. The partnership is an excellent illustration of collaboration across sectors to develop the circular economy.

Shark Solutions uses a proprietary technology to process PVB materials that Sibelco recovers from recycling car windshields and other forms of laminated glass. Shark Solutions transforms the PVB into pellets and dispersions that are then used in applications such as carpet backings, paints, textiles and building materials. The dispersions come in the form of a stable emulsion that is easily formulated as a single product, a resin enhancing additive, or as a primary binder in water-based coating applications. Under the agreement, Sibelco will market the recycled products to customers of its Polymers and Coatings business lines.

Sibelco is one of the world’s leading recyclers of flat glass, container glass and laminated glass. Sibelco’s recycling process for laminated glass separates the glass, metals, ceramics as well as the PVB which is used as the laminate in applications such as car windshields. Until recently, this PVB had no outlet other than landfill.

“We are delighted to be playing a role in closing the materials loop and further supporting the development of the circular economy. Our customers are increasingly seeking more sustainable materials for their products and this collaboration with Shark Solutions provides exactly that.”

Steven Devlies

VP Commercial NAM
“Shark Solutions has unique technology and production facilities to process PVB from recycled laminated glass and we welcome the close partnership with Sibelco as a professional and international partner. The new cooperation agreement is a further example of how companies working together can embrace the circular economy for mutual benefit and a better environment.”

Jens Holmegaard

CEO Shark Solutions

Interesting facts:

Discarded laminated glass including PVB takes around one million years to decompose in a landfill.

Shark Solutions’ recycled materials currently save 58,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Sibelco currently recycles around 1.5 million tonnes of glass per year.

About Shark Solutions

Shark Solutions is a Danish based cleantech market leader focused on giving a new life to post-consumer PVB (PolyVinyl Butyral) from windshields and architectural/building glass (laminated glass). Shark Solutions’ PVB recycling factories in Europe and the USA transform this former waste material into advanced sustainable raw materials and its patented systems enable the separation of glass from PVB.

This unique combination provides not only a system that separates PVB from post-consumer glass, but also a sustainable solution for the separated PVB to be transformed into a variety of useable new raw materials. This makes industrial scale laminated glass recycling a reality.

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