Sibelco and CelSian enter collaboration agreement

Sibelco and CelSian have entered into a collaborative agreement to leverage our respective experience and knowhow around raw materials and glass melting processes. The agreement, which will involve the sharing of laboratory functions and joint research, will help both companies to deliver enhanced services to customers in the glass industry.

The glass industry faces one of the toughest decarbonisation challenges of any industry. The high temperatures required in the melting process and the existence of process emissions in melting furnaces present significant technological challenges. To meet these ambitious goals in the glass industry, innovation is required not only in production technology but also in the composition and morphology of materials used in the production process.

Our relationship with CelSian dates back a number of years and Sibelco is delighted to bring our cooperation to another level. Through this partnership, we aim to offer enhanced support to customers in the glass industry seeking innovative solutions to the challenges they face, such as reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions and improving production efficiency.

“At CelSian we strongly believe in partnerships to tackle the enormous environmental challenges ahead. Our collaboration with Sibelco will enhance new insights and solutions for our customers. The fact that Sibelco’s major laboratory is only 30 minutes drive from CelSian’s laboratory is very practical and will make working together on a regular and frequent basis possible”.

Harmen Kielstra

Managing Director, CelSian

About Sibelco’s value proposition for the glass industry

Sibelco offers a range of services for customers worldwide in the container, float, fibre, display and specialty glass industries. Materials in the Sibelco range include silica sand and low-iron silica sand, silica flour, dolomite, nepheline syenite, feldspar, coloring oxides, manganese, petalite, anorthosite and high purity quartz, as well as secondary materials such as cullet and iron silicate. Committed to innovation and technical partnering, Sibelco seeks to ensure excellence in the mine-to-melt consistency of its materials and complements this with a firm commitment to sustainability and safety in its operations.

Located in Dessel, Belgium, the specialist team at Sibelco’s Glass Expertise Centre are dedicated to helping customers achieve greater production efficiency and product quality. Much of the Centre’s work focuses on sustainable and carbon-free glass production. Current research and trials centre around new glass cullet solutions, alternatives to traditional carbonates, circular materials and materials as enablers for future melting concepts with low residence times and temperature levels.


CelSian is born out of TNO Glass Group and built on multiple years of high precision glass molding at Royal Dutch Philips. Since 2012 CelSian is an independent company focusing on improving process efficiency at glass manufacturers worldwide. With software models EBM and GTM-x our customers optimize their glass melting processes. CelSian’s  laboratory is used for melting trials of (new) raw materials and root cause analysis in case of glass defects. Furthermore CelSian offers sensor technology for raw material analysis, combustion optimization and through the well known CelSian Academy we have trained almost 2000 professionals from the worldwide glass industry. We aim to minimize costs for customers and the environment.

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