Material solutions to maximise wastewater filtering efficiency

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Sibelco’s range of calibrated sands helps wastewater treatment leaders such as Paques to get maximum filtration performance.   

Silica sand plays a vital role in water filtration, capturing suspended solids whilst helping to remove harmful contaminants. In order to maximise the efficiency of the filtering process, it is important to select the right type of sands. Factors such as grain size, sphericity, uniformity coefficient and silica content all have a big impact on how well a sand performs as a filtration media.

Sibelco offers a full portfolio of high-performance filtration sands, gravels and other media.  After careful selection and extraction, all sands are washed, dried and sieved within rigorous quality control parameters. This ensures high quality products that deliver maximum performance over a long period of time. Sibelco’s worldwide reputation for quality and reliability is just one of the reasons why leading water and wastewater treatment experts choose Sibelco sands.

Paques applies Sibelco’s sands for its ASTRASAND® continuous filtration systems at Leiden Noord wastewater treatment plant in the Netherlands. The plant, which treats approximately 26 million litres of wastewater per day, is harnessing the power of Paques’ ASTRASAND® systems to remove nitrogen and phosphorous, thereby further enhancing effluent quality in line with increasingly stringent environmental standards.     

Sibelco’s sands are perfectly suited to continuous filtration systems like ASTRASAND®. Continuous filtration equipment demands accurately-processed filter sands. The specific shape of the sand facilitates the constant moving of the sands and hence the uninterrupted filtration and cleaning process. At the same time, the precise grading reduces the filter bed resistance.

Founded back in 1872, Sibelco is one of the world’s leading providers of industrial minerals and other materials with over 200 production sites across 43 countries. In Europe, Sibelco has five plants specialised in the production of calibrated, filtration-grade materials. Each plant is certified to MEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards, whilst all products comply with EN 12904:2005 and are KIWA and ACS certified in the Netherlands and France, respectively. While working on expanding its portfolio of filtration solutions, Sibelco’s team of experts helps customers to identify the right materials tailored to their process, helping to maximise efficiency and achieve better results.

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