Customer becoming world record holder with the help of Sibelco materials

Our materials help customers to go the extra mile. Last week, one of our Dutch customers Haitsma Beton, placed the longest prefabricated prestressed concrete beams for the construction of a new bridge in the Wanssum harbor (the Netherlands). Our WINFILL 700 product was used as a filler, helping to increase the strength of the beams. 

What’s so special about WINFILL 700? 


WINFILL 700 is part of the construction portfolio and is produced at our Winterswijk site located in the Netherlands. WINFILL 700 is used as a filler to help produce Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC), a specific kind of high strength concrete with characteristics like high liquidity, no need for compaction and use of raw materials. SCC is becoming more popular, because of new architectural possibilities it facilitates and higher sustainability. Sibelco specially developed WINFILL 700 to meet the requirements to produce SCC within the construction market about 15 years ago under CE and KOMO certification.  

What makes WINFILL 700 even more special, is that it’s a 
100% recycled product
, being fully produced with secondary limestone. Instead of extracting raw materials, we completely re-use residual materials to produce WINFILL 700. The materials are ground at our Winterswijk site to produce our WINFILL 700 product.  

Haitsma Beton’s prefabricated prestressed beams


Haitsma Beton is an important player within the market of prefabricated concrete. The company has more than 100 years of experience within the construction and infrastructure market in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. For the distribution of our product to Haitsma Beton, we count on the help of our distributor De Hoop Bouwgrondstoffen. De Hoop Bouwgrondstoffen, based in Terneuzen (the Netherlands), is a supplier and producer of building materials, end products and services for the construction industry, including our WINFILL 700 product.  

The prefabricated prestressed beams were produced for the construction of a new bridge in the harbour of Wanssum. The bridge is part of a bigger project that aims to create opportunities for the development of the city centre and harbour, by diverting traffic around the centre of Wanssum with the construction of a new bypass.  

Some remarkable facts:

  • The beams are 69 metres long
  • Each beam has a weight of 256 tonnes
  • Haitsma Beton produced 8 prefabricated pre-stressed beams like these for the construction of the new bridge in Wanssum
  • The beams needed to be transported via water transport, since road transport wasn’t an option due to their enormous size  

Spiro Fakiolas, Sales Manager, and Gerard ten Dolle, Site Manager Winterswijk and Mineral Manager for Concrete and Asphalt fillers, are proud to have contributed to this impressive project.

WINFILL 700 is an exceptional product. Our clients are showing increasing interest in recycled products, and the example of Haitsma Beton shows what great possibilities a product like this has to offer. We are now even looking at options to raise production capacity.’  

Spiro Fakiolas

Sales Manager
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