Philipp Baranski

Production Manager, Germany


We would like you to meet Philipp Baranski, one of the many inspiring colleagues working at Sibelco. Philipp has been with Sibelco in Ransbach-Baumbach, Germany for exactly five years. Discover more about his career experiences with us.

What does your career path look like? 

I joined Sibelco in October 2016 after finishing my master’s degree in Mineral Resources Engineering, as a trainee in quarry management. Half a year later, I got the unique chance to capture two completely new opportunities at once: I became a key user for supply chain in the M3 implementation team as well as production manager for the FMR plant, which is one of the two prepared bodies processing plants in Germany. In November 2018, I went back to my roots and became quarry manager for the Ransbach clay operations. Nevertheless, I was offered many exciting tasks and a lot of variety during the last three years.  I became part of the internal audit team, attended two BSP waves including the aftercare as local change agent and took over the key user role in production planning for the Score rollout in Germany, which is currently my main responsibility. 

What attracted you to Sibelco? 

Since the beginning of my studies at university it has been my dream to work in the pit and quarry industry. Joining Sibelco enabled me to work in the job I always wanted to have in my local region and still have the opportunities of an international company. I am especially inspired by the traditional history of the company, in some locations going back more than 180 years in the clay industry.   

What is the best career advice you ever received? 

In fact, this is not only some advice for your career but also for your whole life: Don’t run away from challenges, they will make you grow even if it feels like failing at first sight. Besides that, it’s the small things that make you successful, like being friendly, taking care for each other and most importantly, being able to really listen to people.  

What does a typical day at Sibelco look like for you? 

Currently, my working day consists of typical project work. I start my day answering my emails and checking both my calendar and open deadlines to make a rough planning of what to do. I spend approximately 50% of my time in different Teams meetings, either in collaboration rooms with other Score team members or giving several end user trainings. Apart from that, my main task is preparing and especially cleansing the production master data such as manufactured products and bill of materials. However, there are always some unplanned tasks when local colleagues ask for help or daily business holds surprises for me.  

What are you grateful for? 

Being able to work in a job that I had always dreamed of, building many positive relationships with colleagues all over the world, and getting through the Covid-19 pandemic without major negative personal impacts like losing my job, colleagues, friends or family members. 

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