Carmela Elisa Luglio

Health & Safety and Sustainability officer, Italy


Carmela Elisa joined Sibelco in January 2018 as intern Maintenance Supervisor at our Poviglio site in Italy. In May 2018, she had the opportunity to become Health & Safety and Sustainability officer for Ravenna and Marghera. Today, she holds that role for multiple Italian sites. 

What attracts you most about working for Sibelco?

Every day, I have the possibility to learn something new. There are always different challenges to deal with, which lead to greater professional and personal growth.

How do you apply the new Sibelco 2025 values – Integrity, Respect, Ownership, Excellence, Teamwork - in your daily job?

All five values are certainly very important in our daily work and I always and constantly try to apply them. But what I practice most is definitely Teamwork. At the Ravenna platform site, we are a small group of three Sibelco employees and we face various difficulties in managing the site, customers and contractors on a daily basis. Thanks to the continuous information sharing, the fair division of tasks and good teamwork we are a winning team!

What dreams – personal or professional – do you have for the future?

My dream is to be able to create a world around me where we are no longer taking it as a given that behind the job title ‘Engineer’, or an operational role, there is a man taking on that function. We should seriously start thinking that these roles could equally well be held by women like me, or like many of my colleagues in Sibelco. We still have a way to go to reach this goal, but every small step we take brings us closer to making this dream come true.

What is the best career advice you ever received?

Say yes to the things that scare you. Only if you apply this principle, it is possible to always face new challenges and learn new ways of working.

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