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Other Materials

As well as our core portfolio, we offer a range of other materials including diopside, flint pebbles, fluorspar, fly ash, garnet, huntite, hydromagnesite, petalite, sodium silicate, talc & zeolite.
Large piles of construction sand and gravel used for asphalt production and building. Limestone quarry, mining rocks and stones


Other Materials

In addition to our core portfolio, we offer a range of complementary materials.

Our extended range includes:

  • Diopside
  • Flint Pebbles: an excellent ball mill grinding media thanks to high hardness & abrasion resistance
  • Fluorspar: a high-performance flux for ironmaking and steelmaking
  • Fly Ash: we offer recycled biomass ash as a green replacement for limestone in asphalt 
  • Garnet: a non-toxic, chemically inert media for blast cleaning, high-pressure waterjet cutting and water filtration
  • Huntite: a high-brightness, ultrafine, lamellar mineral used as a functional filler for coatings and polymers
  • Hydromagnesite: blended with huntite as a flame retardant in polymers and to alter rheology in sealants and adhesives 
  • Petalite: to reduce the melting temperature of ceramic glazes and the firing temperature of ceramic bodies
  • Sodium Silicate: recycled sodium silicate glass as a highly-effective media for blast cleaning and water filtration
  • Talc: a soft, non-abrasive inert mineral powder used as a functional filler in paint, thermoplastics, rubber and adhesives
  • Zeolite: mixed with sand as an organic amendment for top dressing and rootzone materials used to create and maintain sports surfaces 
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