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Sibelco Solutions for Specialty Glass

Sibelco’s minerals help SCHOTT AG to create innovative glass solutions for a changing world.

SCHOTT AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-tech materials for specialty glass. Its products are used to create everyday items across a wide range of industries, from electronics and optics through to aerospace and healthcare.

With a global reputation built on quality, SCHOTT’s products rely on high-specification minerals to boost performance and ensure consistency. We are proud that Sibelco continues to meet this need, providing silica and other specialist minerals from our deposits worldwide.

Sibelco’s materials help SCHOTT to innovate and lead the way in a number of sectors, including:

The Foldable Glass Revolution

Sibelco low-iron sands are used to make smaller, thinner and lighter glass components for consumer electronics where size and functionality are key. This includes SCHOTT’s range of flexible glass for smartphones, incorporating Xensation® Flex – the most flexible ultra-thin glass available for mass production.


Cooking Technology

Sibelco glass sands and silica flours are used by SCHOTT to create coated clear glass doors for energy-efficient ovens (including high-temperature glass for pyrolytic ovens) and to make the company’s award-winning range of durable and stylish glass-ceramic cooktops for radiant, induction or gas cooking.


The SCHOTT team also use Sibelco materials in its range of pharmaceutical packaging solutions which includes ampoules, cartridges, syringes and vials, 2 billion of which have already been used to package COVID-19 vaccines.

Sibelco’s long-standing relationship with SCHOTT has grown through trust and collaboration.

Our state-of the art operations use the most up-to-date technologies and can only succeed with Sibelco’s excellent raw materials,” says Melanie Brune from SCHOTT’s Purchasing Centre of Excellence for Raw Materials. “We can always trust Sibelco to deliver, which is key to meeting the high demands of our customers.”

SCHOTT is a reference in the world of glass, and it has been my honour to serve as their key account manager,” says Robert Hoeck, Sibelco commercial leader. “I believe in this strong relationship, with both companies recognising the need for innovation and a sustainable way forward.”

Represented in 34 countries, SCHOTT AG has 16,500 employees and sales in excess of €2bn. The company is owned by the Carl Zeiss Foundation, one of the oldest foundations in Germany.