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Case Study: Pure Energy

As the world’s population grows and living standards rise, renewable technologies are increasingly supporting our dependence on reliable sources of energy.  Solar PV (photovoltaic) is expanding faster than any other renewable energy technology with capacity nearly quadrupling in the past five years.

High purity quartz is playing a key role in solar energy

Within a solar PV unit, IOTA®  HPQ is used in the production of silicon wafers, which serve as the basis for the solar cell, the intricate electrical device that converts the energy of light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect.  IOTA®  is used in approximately 35% of all solar panels produced worldwide and is valued for its ability to meet the rigorous quality standards and technical specifications that ensure maximum performance.

It is not only IOTA®  HPQ that is helping to power our growth in solar energy.  You will also find our low-iron sands and dolomite in the glass cover of a solar PV unit.  The low iron properties and consistent nature of these high-quality materials help to increase light transmission, thereby maximising the level of electricity generation.

As the solar PV energy market gears up for further growth, we are working with customers worldwide to develop new material solutions, ensuring that Sibelco continues to play a key role in powering a brighter future.

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