Water & Environment

We offer a range of solutions for the treatment of drinking and waste water, helping to preserve and protect the planet’s limited freshwater resources. 

At the same time, we’re helping power plant operators to control the release of sulfur dioxide emissions and hydrochloric acid, thereby reducing harmful air pollutants.   

Water treatment

From pH regulation to chemical precipitation, our materials perform a range of vital functions in water filtration, water softening and wastewater treatment. Our portfolio includes: 

  • activated carbon
  • calcium carbonate
  • clay pellets
  • dolomite
  • filter anthracite
  • filter sands and gravels
  • lime
  • magnesium carbonate
  • pumice

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Air treatment

The excellent reactivity of our high grade quicklime makes it a perfect component in the wet scrubbing process employed to treat power plants’ flue gas. 

The quicklime reacts with the sulfur dioxide to form solid calcium dioxide, which is then removed allowing the cleaned gases to escape. This scrubbing process also removes hydrochloric acid.

Our products are also used for metals separation in liquid and solids, liquid filtration, gas filtration, chemical filtration and chemical absorption.


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