The purity and consistency of products in our lime portfolio deliver value for customers across a number of chemical treatment applications. 

Pulp and Paper

Products in our lime portfolio bring a range of key benefits to the pulp and paper manufacturing process, enabling customers to supplement their own lime production with a high quality, versatile material.

In the kraft (sulphate) process, high-calcium lime works as a causticizing agent, reacting with recovered waste sodium carbonate solution to generate caustic soda for reuse in the process. 

Lime is also used in the preparation of calcium bisulfite; in the preparation of calcium hypochlorite bleach; in the recovery of waste black liquor solution; and as a filtration conditioner in the recovery of paper mill byproducts.


The versatility and consistent quality of our lime products make them ideally suited for a wide range of uses in the chemical industry.

We work with customers around the world, helping them to extract maximum value from our lime as a reactant, as a neutralising agent, and as a key component in manufacturing processes employed in both organic and inorganic chemistry. 

Our silica, lime, quartz, precipitated calcium carbonate and kaolin products are also used in silicates, cosmetics, pharma & hygiene, chemical carries, printed circuit boards, epoxy moulding compounds and many other applications.


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