Sibelco partners with Natuurpunt to rehabilitate Schansheide quarry

As part of Sibelco’s 150th anniversary, we have established a management agreement with Natuurpunt, BirdLife’s Belgian partner in Flanders, for a portion of the Schansheide quarry in Dessel-Mol.

The site, which is the size of 48 football fields, is a combination of heathland, grassland, deciduous and coniferous forest, wetland and mudflats. It will undergo further restoration and become a nature reserve for nature-loving hikers. 

is an association for nature preservation of vulnerable and endangered areas in Flanders and Brussels. The Schansheide area is managed by the team of Natuurpunt Netebronnen. 

Jef Sas says: "
As local chair of Natuurpunt, I can say that we are honoured and excited to manage and maintain this area of 35 ha. The unique range and diversity of plants and birds will certainly grow and evolve in this amazing landscape.

This area is fantastic in many ways: it's a mix of rich nature, renewable energy and recreation, all in this unique location with a link to our industrial sand mining. We look forward to our collaboration with the local team of Natuurpunt.

Bart Daems

Sibelco’s local Sustainability manager

The opening of the quarry was also incorporated into the province's network of hiking routes. From now on, Schansheide can be accessed from sunrise to sunset via intersection number 38 near the canal entrance or number 18 near the new pedestrian bridge. 

Hikers, bird watchers and those seeking tranquility can go to the bird spotting point or walk up the hill to enjoy views of the water features, reed marshes and moorland. 

Protecting biodiversity forms an important part of our overall
sustainability strategy
, through which Sibelco is contributing to 12 of the 17 UN SDGs.  

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