Acceptance of the offer by shareholders holding Nominative Shares

Nominative Shareholders who wish to accept the buyback offer (the Offer) may do so free of charge by submitting the completed and signed acceptance form for Nominative Shares (Type A) (the Acceptance Form (Type A)) to ING Belgium NV/SA (the Centralising Receiving Agent) no later than 5 February 2024, 4.00 p.m. CET at the following email address:

The Acceptance Form for Nominative Shares (Type A) is available in English and Dutch.

Natural persons tendering their Nominative Shares must enclose with their Acceptance Form a copy of their identity card or passport (front and back) containing a specimen signature.

A Nominative Shareholder will only be able to tender Nominative Shares to the Offer which are owned by such Nominative Shareholder on 19 January 2024 (the Record Date). This means that a Nominative Shareholder that wishes to participate in the Offer must be registered in Sibelco’s share register on the Record Date for minimum the number of Nominative Shares it wishes to tender in the Offer.

More information on the acceptance of the buyback offer can be found in the Letter to Nominative Shareholders in English, Dutch and French.

For a full description of the acceptance of the Offer, reference is made to Section 4.7.4 of the Prospectus.