Increase concrete strength by 50% and reduce costs by €2.20 per metric tonne

OLIDENSE is a revolutionary natural aggregate, developed by Sibelco's geologists and construction specialists to offer maximum density and durability for critical onshore and offshore projects. 


Increase density by


Increase compressive strength by


Reduce costs by €2.2 per metric tonne

Standard concrete

standard concrete: density 2.4 

compressive strength: ±30 megapascal

Concrete coating

compressive strength: ±45 megapascal

concrete coating (with Olidense): density ±3.0*

Designed for higher density, OLIDENSE reduces the need for more expensive ballast materials—so you can drive down your materials cost, without ever compromising on performance.

And because it’s from Sibelco, supply and product consistency are guaranteed.

Protecting the flow of natural gas into Europe

Case study

OLIDENSE in action

OLIDENSE is being used in some of Europe’s most complex heavy construction projects, both offshore and on dry land.

Available in two grades, and usable as a loose ballasting material or concrete filler, OLIDENSE is designed to achieve the perfect weight ratio to strengthen and stabilise your design.

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OLIDENSE delivered cost savings of €7.5 million on a recent project.*

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Technical properties

As a loose ballast material, OLIDENSE 0-40 provides a density of up to 2.85 tonnes/m3 when compacted and water-saturated.

Within concrete, OLIDENSE 0-4 increases concrete density to ±3.0 tonnes/m3 with a compressive strength of ±45 megapascal—making it the perfect component to meet high-strength, high-density requirements.

With densities as high as 3.25tonnes/m3 OLIDENSE 0-4 reduces the need for higher cost materials in underwater concrete pipeline coating projects.

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About Sibelco

Sibelco is a leading provider of industrial minerals and other materials with 195 production sites spread across 34 countries, supported by 20 technical laboratory facilities.

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Concrete pipeline coating

Ballasting and backfilling 


Oilrig ballasting





Counterweighting and ballasting

Specific gravity

Compacted water-saturated density

Non-compacted dry bulk density


3.25 tonnes/m3

2.40 – 2.60 tonnes/m3

1.80 – 2.00 tonnes/m3


3.25 tonnes/m3

2.70 – 2.85 tonnes/m3

2.00 – 2.20 tonnes/m3

Sibelco’s OLIDENSE plant in Norway is connected to our global logistics network via port, which handles ships up to 75,000 metric tonnes. We own the entire production line from mining to delivery, including geological testing and rigorous quality control.

It means you can be sure that your materials will be delivered on time, exactly as you need them.

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High density aggregate for the world’s toughest construction challenges

Consistent Quality

All of our sites employ rigorous quality control procedures to ensure that our products consistently meet customer specifications and deliver maximum performance.

Specialist Support

We have a specialist business unit dedicated solely to the construction environment. Our professional team have extensive experience in this sector, delivering the highest standards of customer service and technical support tailored to your specific needs.

Global Logistics

With Sibelco, you can depend on a sustainable supply of high-quality materials in large volumes, regardless of location. Our OLIDENSE plant in Norway is connected to our global logistics network via a port which handles ships up to 75,000 metric tonnes.

Sustainable Solutions

Founded back in 1872 and still privately-owned, we always take a long-term perspective. We invest for the future to secure a long-term supply of high-quality materials, at the same time ensuring economic growth is always balanced with environmental stewardship and social responsibility.


high density aggregate

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OLIDENSE provides stability and protection for the world’s longest sub-sea pipeline

Nord Stream 2 is an ambitious project to transport natural gas from Russia to Europe via more than 2,400km of pipes under the Baltic Sea.

When completed, two parallel pipelines will have the capacity to transport 55 billion cubic metres of gas every year from Narva, Russia, to Western Europe, ready to supply up to 26 million households.

OLIDENSE was chosen as a key material for the project by Wasco Energy, the contractor appointed by Nord Stream 2 to supply concrete weight coating services, storing and logistics.

Working closely with Sibelco, Wasco used approximately 390,000 tonnes of OLIDENSE to coat almost 200,000 pipes. The coating for each pipe doubled its weight to 24 tonnes, providing stability and protection on the sea bed and guarding against potential damage during installation.

Delivers on cost AND performance

Guaranteed supply

We were very satisfied with Sibelco’s continuous cooperation and thank the team from Sibelco Nordic AS for the excellent work performed during the whole project.

Wasco Coatings Germany GmbH

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*On an order of 3.5 million metric tonnes for concrete coating.

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