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Sibelco is a leading manufacturer of high-quality blast cleaning abrasives for surface preparation, working with customers worldwide across a broad range of markets.

Solutions in our special abrasives range work less aggressively than other abrasives, making them ideal for more delicate façade jobs.

Also see our range of recyclable abrasives and expendable abrasives.

Browse our Abrasive Selection Tool to find the right abrasive materials to meet your surface demand. The tool offers Sibelco’s complete range of blast cleaning abrasives, as well as guidance on recommended usage and technical information.

Aluminium silicate, Glassbeads & Calcium carbonate


Vasilfine is a fine aluminium silicate (micro coal slag) abrasive suitable for dry, wet and damp blast cleaning and for special blast cleaning systems such as Torbo, IBIX etc.

Vasilfine is ideal for:

  • steel or other metal surfaces that require a low to very low surface roughness
  • stone or concrete surfaces that need to be cleaned with minimal potential damage
  • wooden surfaces, such as furniture
  • one or more layers of a coating system (selective blast cleaning)

Vasilfine is inert, very securely graded and contains less than 0.1% free crystalline silica.

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ABRAVER® glassbeads

ABRAVER® round glassbeads are a non-metallic abrasive made of soda glass. Glassbeads are used for shot blast cleaning, descaling and deburring. They are also suitable for inspection blasting (fraction and fracture detection) and for glare free, decorative matt satin finishing, and for micro peening.

With glass beads there is no abrading or scouring action, no deformation of material and no contamination or embedment of particles. Glass beads are suitable for dry compressed air blasting as well as for wet blast cleaning.

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Calcium carbonate

Our calcium carbonate has an exceptionally low degree of hardness. It is suitable for façade cleaning of buildings and monuments and may be used in dry as well as wet blast cleaning systems. Calcium carbonate does not damage the surface being cleaned.

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Dolomite, Armex & Softblast

Dolomite (Doloblast/Microdol)

Doloblast/Microdol is a calcium/magnesium carbonate-based micro abrasive used frequently for wet blasting. It is particularly suitable for the restoration of monuments and statues, façade cleaning, and the removal of dirt, paint and graffiti.

Doloblast/Microdol contains no heavy metals, free crystalline silica or corrosive salts and will not cause efflorescence. Due to its low hardness, Doloblast/Microdol does not damage the blasted surface, instead acting more as a cleaning agent. It can therefore be used to blast clean glass and there is no need to tape off hard metals or hard types of paint (provided they are not oxidised or weathered). Aluminium, copper, zinc and thin layers of paint (latex, synthetic materials) will still need protection.

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Armex sodium bicarbonate

A water-soluble, odorless and slightly alkaline powder (PH-value: 8.2).

Armex is perfect for façade cleaning and also for blast cleaning aluminium aeroplanes with no damage to the surface.

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A blend of crushed nutshells, seed stones and fruit pits (from cherries, apricots etc.) The particles are durable and can be re-used several times.

Softblast is perfect for cleaning operations where abrading of the surface must be avoided. It will not mar the original finish or crystalline base of the treated surface.

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